Souhegan Seniors: On the Road to College by joey calfin

Souhegan Seniors are all at the peak of college preparation. Whether it’s students that applied for early action who are receiving their results, or students who are about to submit their applications in January. It’s a very stressful point in a young students life, and everyone’s journey is drastically different. Here are some Seniors who shared with me some details about their application processes, and how they are feeling about college.

Emma Sette is applying to 11 schools for 2020. She's making her choices based off of where she can see herself as well as the cost of the school. While she's stressed about hearing back about applications, she feels ready to be a college student.
Zoie Sweetser plans on attending community college locally, so she doesn’t have to stress about cost, as well as deciding her life path so early on. After about 2 years (once she gets all her credits) she plans on applying to Plymouth, Rivier, and other New England colleges. Zoie feels more relaxed going on this path vs applying and deciding her future so quickly. She’s very nervous about being in a learning environment where she doesn’t know anybody, but is also excited to try new things.
Kate Reap is a Souhegan Senior who is applying to art schools. Her top school is SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) and she really hopes to get in. She’s very nervous whether or not she’ll get into her favorite schools, but she’s looking forward to exploring her passion.
Siraj Husainy is applying to 6 schools total, and his top school Berkeley College of Music. He’s pumped for college, but very nervous about being accepted, as while the acceptance rate at Berkeley has gone up in the past few years, it’s still below 50%. The application process wasn’t too difficult (besides his one Ivy league.)
Cami Carlson is applying to 5 schools for 2020. Her top school is UNH manchester. She is excited to see what college has to offer, and isn’t too nervous about getting in.
Lauren Fredette is currently applying to 8 schools, but may apply to more. Her top schools are Syracuse and NYU. She’s eager for a new experience, and college is exactly that. The application process has been difficult, but she’s nearing the wrap up and is excited to hear back from schools.
Halle Vanballegooyen’s top school was North Dakota State University and was accepted very early on. She’s super ecstatic about going, and has even been paired with a roommate. She’s happy she got the process done early.
Bella Blood is not currently in the application process. She’s going to go to a 4 year college, but just not right now. She’s not sure what she wants to do yet, and doesn’t believe that she should have to decide yet. She is far more comfortable going at this pace.
Halle Zimmer has applied to 1 school and is applying to 4 more. Her current top school is Keene State. She’s super stressed out about the application process and going to college, but knows that it’s what’s best for her future!

While students are all over the board for what they’re doing for college and their future, they all still have a solid plan. These students are stressed, excited, and filled with a ton of emotion. While they may be extremely anxious and losing confidence, I know that they all have bright futures ahead of them, and whatever ends up happening or wherever they go, they’re gonna do great.