Household Acid Base Lab Jaime, Taylor, emily

Shaving Cream: white foam pH: 9 (BASE)
Body Spray: yellow, almost clear liquid pH: 6 (ACID)
Lime Juice: brown thin liquid pH: 1 (ACID)
Ketchup: red thick substance pH: 7 (NEUTRAL)
Orange Juice: yellow pH: 6 (ACID)
Stomach Relief: pink color, thick liquid pH: 7 (NEUTRAL)
Lysol Cleaner: yellow liquid, smells clean pH: 10 (BASE)
Coffee: smells like coffee, and is a brown color pH: 7 (NEUTRAL)
BBQ Sauce: Brownish pH: 4 (ACID)
Hummingbird Nectar: red and it stinks pH: 6 (ACID)
Plant Food: yellowish thin liquid pH: 7 (NEUTRAL)
Stomach Meds: white thick liquid pH: 9 (BASE)
Milk of Mag: white pH: 9 (BASE)
Pine-Sol: purple smells strong pH: 10 (BASE)
Olive Oil: yellow clear pH: 7 (NEUTRAL)
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Emily Portillo

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