Industrial revolution William herrera hour 7

We are questioning the fact that industrial revolution was a blessing or a curse because there were many bad affect and some good affects like the economy went up because of more jobs and and a bad things is that that the conditions were bad.

The industrial revolution was a blessing. One reason it was cities became bigger and more made the economy expand and go up because people bought more products and there were more jobs for people to make money another reason is the fact that factories made more products.they were made faster and in more quantities.

The growth of the industrial revolution you had to find out ways to get materials and food items to one place to another that's why they came up with water ways and steam trains the steam train helped things go to places faster which means there is more product going to one certain place and back to get another load of goods it is a blessing because we still use trains to transport people and other goods

Industrial revolution gave people more jobs and more ways to earn money so the people of this urban/city to live and to feed there family and to live they didn't like there jobs but they did it to help there family woman usually did the jobs in the factories because the men were in war so the woman had to stand up and do the men's job.

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