College of Education University of the Nations

“Showing to the generation to come the praise of the Lord, and His strength and His wonderful works that He hath done….that they might set their hope in God…” Psalm 78:4, 7 KJV

The College of Education is committed to developing those with a desire and calling to work with children and youth. Our educational worldview is that every child, made in the image of God, has a destiny to fulfill in His Kingdom. Many issues, however, place children at risk, robbing them of dignity, respect, and the opportunity to grow up knowing the love of God, having access to a good education and preparation to fulfill their God-given destiny.

Opportunities for training are provided for specific areas of service, including education, ministry to youth, and ministry to children at risk. The College offers the opportunity to develop resources that facilitate training programmes, and establish various models of educational training throughout the world. Opportunities are also available for educational assessment and consultation.

Students receive thorough foundational training in the principles and practices of education, including a biblical perspective of human growth and development, the nature of learning and teaching, classroom management, curriculum development, and the role of education in community transformation and world missions. Student internships provide opportunities for classroom experience, working with children under the supervision of experienced teachers. Other internships allow students to work with at risk children under the supervision of experienced practitioners.

We have many different types of schools, in the following key areas...


Foundations in Education Seminar

Sensorial Approach Seminar

Foundations in Education

Teachers Training Course I, II & III

Youth Ministry

Celebrating Children Workshop

Principles in Child and Youth Ministries, Field Assignments and Practicums

Children's Social Services

Early Childhood Education, Internship I, II & Field Assignment

Child and Youth Ministries Seminar

Children at Risk School & Field Assignment

And more...

Missions Strategies

Undergraduate Directed Studies & Internship

Experience in Missions Leadership

You can also receive Associates & Bachelors degrees in the College of Education...

Foundational Associate of Arts

Associate of Arts in Family Studies

Associate of Arts in Social Services

Associate of Arts in Youth Ministries

Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education

Associate of Science in Education (Principle Approach)

Associate of Science in Primary Education (Integrative Approach)

Bachelor of Arts in Family Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Social Services

Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education

Bachelor of Science in Primary Education



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