Im Late !!! By Marc and ben


slapstick comedy

The Synopsis:

A Young man starts his day just like any other at school when out of the blue his girlfriend mentions its their anniversary, she figures he forgot and he try to convince her he hadn't forgotten so he rushes all over to make the perfect evening and manages to make everything, just as she comes over he says i can't believe i did this all at the spur of the moment. end


Dan - Main character in the story. Tall, canadian plad shirt and beard, charismatic guy, forgetful

Anne - petite, kind, understanding, sassy

Moral of the story

Keep on top on track with the things that are important to you because if you let them slip they just might disappear.

The body of the story consists of the character Dan rushing around to get the ingredients he needs to make the best anniversary dinner he can make in the short period of time he has. He drives out to the grocery store to get the foods he needs really showing expressions of how confused he is about what to get because he doesn’t usually cook. Lots of shots of the character walking around aimlessly to show how much he doesn’t know where everything he needs is. We took a bunch of different filming styles and shots in the grocery store for more color and better visuals. Dan’s next stop is the liquor store to get some wine the trip was much shorter than the trip to the grocery store because he know where everything is there. He picks up a bottle of wine and he’s on his way home. On his way home he realizes he has no condoms and will most likely need them because he’s confident in his ability to pull of this cover up. Dan takes a quick stop at the gas station to get them as well as fill up his gas tank. Then Dan’s on his way home to start cooking but still somewhat worried about ruining the food or his girlfriend coming home early.




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