Notes from the President District Update | May 17, 2020

Hello Falcon Families!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful week and weekend! Saturday's weather was fantastic!

I am excited to see pictures of the graduate yard signs up. Huge thank you to Jonathan and Tucker Williams and Jonathon Marowelli! If you have not received your sign yet, you will soon. We are waiting on more signs to be produced and sent by the vendor.

2020-2021 Academic Calendar and Return

Please see our 2020-2021 academic calendar by clicking on the button below.

There are few items to note about our calendar for next year:

  • We begin the academic year prior to Labor Day. This change aligns with other local districts and the Career Center, and is the same start date as Jackson College.
  • Thanksgiving break now matches Jackson College and other local districts as we have moved the typical additional days from this week into the summer of 2021.
  • We have shifted our normal summer Fridays in June to our July break.
  • We have modified our summer break to include two additional weeks off in July 2021 for a total of six weeks. This more closely aligns with a balanced calendar design and supports with our move to start our academic calendars in August moving forward. So the last day of the 2020-2021 academic year will be July 8.

Please keep in mind that there has been no guidance from the State regarding what reopening schools must look like or what districts will be allowed to do when reopening buildings to students. Our leadership team is working on what our reopening plans will be as we prepare for guidance from the State. The calendar for next year represents a normal start to the academic year. If Michigan schools are delayed in reopening this fall, we will modify our calendar accordingly.

Falcon Broadcast

Our journalism group continues to work hard to provide our community the Falcon Broadcast! Please access the most recent production by clicking on the link below.

College Textbooks

Please see a note from Mr. Marowelli regarding ordering college textbooks:

There have been some issues using the college bookstore website for ordering books and we've worked with the bookstore to come up with a slightly different process which should fix the problems they've been having with the website.

When you order your books, still choose Pay with Financial Aid, but then put IAmAJPECStudent as your student ID. The bookstore manager will always see this and then bill JPEC accordingly.

Please remember that students may mail textbooks from courses they are finished with and had checked out from JPEC to our main office at JPEC 2111 Emmons Rd., Jackson, MI. 49201. We will also schedule times that textbooks may be dropped off to JPEC. This will need to be coordinated with Jackson College's approval, so please be patient.

College Prep

Please see a note from Mrs. Holton:

Good evening CP Falcons and families! Just a note to let you know how proud we are of the work you're doing and your continued dedication to progress during a very difficult time. We have three weeks left of new learning and we encourage you to finish strong! Please challenge yourself to work in all four of your core classes each week until the term ends on June 5th. Maybe tackle one class per day and reach out to your teachers for help if you need it. They are always there for you and are cheering you on from home! You can do this! Take care, students and families. We miss you!

College Prep Mathematics Challenge

Want to win a Nintendo Switch Lite and a game of your choice?

Mr. Marowelli is sponsoring a math competition for all college prep students. All students who complete the assigned task will be entered into a drawing to win a Nintendo Switch Lite and game of their choice (M-rated games are excluded).

How to enter:

  • If you're a 6th-grade student, complete the Khan Academy Kindergarten - 5th-grade courses to 100% by July 31st
  • If you're a 7th or 8th-grade student, complete the Khan Academy Kindergarten - 6th-grade courses to 100% by July 31st
  • Every single grade-level course has to be 100% to be eligible. You can work on each course by clicking them at the top of the Khan Academy homepage. See the image below as an example of course progression.

-Shane A. Malmquist

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