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When creating these persona's we discussed in groups what the problems are or might be for the users of the app and how to overcome these problems. We thought about how we could make the solutions we came up with into potential features within a mobile application. From the information we gathered we developed two personas of potential users that would be likely to use the app.

The personas are a short profile and summary of the type of audience the app is aimed at, but despite these profiles being fictional, they are often described as real people. They help the designer describing the intended users in a useful way. They also bring the audience to life and serve as the voice of the user throughout the designing process.

Site Map

When creating the site map many things had to be carefully considered, some of these being how the user navigates through the app and between pages, as well as the structure of the layout.

Before creating the site map, in groups of 4, we had to deconstruct a website by going through the site and reviewing the links on each page, noting down each relevant one. Access all the relevant links on the website to see where they lead, also noting down this. We then titled each link appropriately then drew a site map of the app showing its final layout.

Paper Prototype

I designed a paper prototype to give a more accurate representation of the application and allowed people to test it, giving me valid feedback on my design. I kept in mind about layout of interface, with the user giving feedback on placement of buttons and objects.

Digital Wireframes

Next in the design process was to design a digital wireframe for the app. This is done after receiving feed back on your paper prototype, and implementing the changes into the app, finalising the placement of interface objects.

Style Tile and Mood board

Next up was to design how the content will look, taking into consideration the colours, textures and typography. Designing a mood board helps the decide the final look of the app. Next up is to develop two Style Tiles. My style tile shows consideration of colour theme, textures, fonts, graphic elements and a logo.

Presentation Mockups

Based on the mood boards and style tiles I then made two sets of presentation mockups. The mockups where made up of 3 screens placed iPhone image and edited using smart object in Photoshop. Each screen also had an annotated explanation of the design.The mockups were presented at a mock client meeting where we had to be prepared to answer client-like questions.

Working Prototype

Lastly, I created a fully developed working prototype made up of 17 screens

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