Trump takes over The state of mind from New York City

“When Donald Trump got elected as the 45th president of the United States it took everybody by surprise."

Trump Merchandise

"Ever since he got chosen there is a sense of tension in the air."

Protest on a bathroom wall

"You can feel a division between left and right. The left is having a hard time accepting it, but when it comes to it there's the issue of free speech."

- Art by Raymond Pettibon -

"You are hired"

"You can't give a conservative opinion anymore because the liberal media and people will just call you misogynist, racist, homophobic, etc. without an argument to back that statement."

- Art by Raymond Pettibon -

"But don't try to pass for white"

"New York is considered a liberal state, their state of mind can be different than that from a state like Texas. People are shocked because he is literally keeping his campaign promises."

"Take the riots in Berkeley for example. That's one of the main reasons he was elected, I am not happy about it but he was the choice of the electoral process."

"lock him up"

"The outcome of the election is mainly an economical one. Places like New York and Silicon Valley see it more convenient to outsource skilled labor by bringing immigrants instead of selecting homegrown prospects."

"Honesty it's tough to see it because the closest scenario I have to describe it is like watching a 3 year old throw a fit because he didn't get his way."

Protest on The Highline

"After all, we just hope he does well, because if he does then the country does well."

- Steven Carmona March 2017 -

The Trump Tower

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