Obsidian Solar Center Fort Rock Oregon

Project Summary - The Obsidian Solar Center will consist of up to 7,000 acres and provide a nominal generating capacity of up to 600 MW ac (up to 1,000 MW dc), and an average generating capacity of up to 300 MW ac (up to 500 MW dc).

The facility will be organized like an industrial park: it will contain separate individual facilities all located within the fence around the industrial park. The Obsidian Solar Center will likely combine two types of technology: pv solar power generation technology, and battery storage technology. How the generation and storage technologies are combined and built will depend on the needs and preferences of the project/power buyer(s).

A Notice of Intent to submit an application for a site certificate has been filed with the Oregon Energy Facility Siting Council (EFSC), which has jurisdiction over the development of the solar park.

Obsidian Solar Center LLC seeks to permit a range of technologies in order to preserve permitting flexibility and will specify the precise details of generation and storage during pre-construction final design engineering. The preliminary application for site certificate is being developed with the goal of offering maximum efficiency in terms of use of space and available technology.

Project Need and Benefits - The project is slated to include up to 600-MW of utility-scale solar with energy storage to help replace Pacific Northwest coal plant retirements. The project is designed to be the largest and lowest cost solar facility in the Pacific Northwest.

Economic Development and Job Creation: We anticipate that his project will create 100 construction jobs in 2019 and 2020 and over 500 construction jobs in 2021 and 2022. When the project is completed, the Solar Center will support 6 to 10 full time employees in ongoing Operations and Maintenance.

Local Tax Revenue: Obsidian Solar center anticipates entering into a property tax agreement with Lake County. At full construction we expect additional property tax revenue to be $4 million that will go the local taxing districts such as the school district, health district, library and others.

Timeline –The Obsidian Solar Center at Fort Rock is a flexible, large-scale solar and storage project under development scheduled to begin construction in 2019, pending issuance of a site certificate from EFSC. Initial permitting milestones will be completed in 2018. The project may be completed in phases through 2022 or 2023.


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