On To College Keaston Brown

This is probably the closest thing to a thank you i'll ever get.

As I sink back into the cushion

She smiles that smug smirk smile of hers.

She taps on the steering wheel

It's awkward as hell

Then we both look at each other and start laughing.

You have as nice face I say

I just want to know something

I cant shake the image of my Dad kicking captain

Are you okay

I guess it didn't hit me until now

I see the last of the equipment in the closet

I shut the door

When I reach the driveway, I hear the door fly open

I love you were my last words

The book Not After Everything by Michelle Levy is a fiction novel about a young boy tyler who goes though a tough time with a death in the family and an abusive Dad. This poem captures the tone of love and darkness. The last words in the poem are "I love you". He is expressing his love for this girl that has been through the whole book with him and she finally realizes that she is the one for him and he expresses how he really feels before he heads off to college. In the third stanza there was a question asked "Are you okay?" Tyler is having a tough time with his life. His mother has dies and his father abuses him. His father blames him for the death of his wife but it comes to find out it was the fathers fault because he was an abusive husband. This shows the darkness but Jordyn gives love though out the book to Tyler and is always there for him

Words borrowed by Michelle Levy


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