Native Americans

The British knew full well that the Indians wanted to stem the tide of settlement.Shawnee,creek sand and the very large powerful Cherokee and the Iroquois.Colonists needed land so they could live somewhere with their own religious life.Some Americans Indians groups had on land and resources too.One way with the Europeans affected as with they took there land Further attacks,Colonist killed and displaced more and more.

American Indians groups were forced to give up only a little of their land.Chief Logan help the settlers to move to Ohio river.Chief Tecumseh attempted to being the Indians groups together. Tecumseh was a great speaker and a convinced.

The Americans Indians got mad at the Europeans because they took their land and they have a lot of lands.Land Claims in North America led along with the Europeans countries and the Native Indians.

1492,When Christopher Columbus first came in contact with natives peoples. 1513: Juan Ponce DE Leon encountered Causal Indians while exploring the Gulf Coast of Florida.

1519: Hernan Cortes invaded Mexico, Completing the conquest the Aztec empire.

1524: First Kidnapping in America took place in italian explorers kidnap a Indian child


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