Parents Tori Szesnat

My story is about my parents. As a teenage girl growing up, arguments are a reoccurring thing in my house. Sometimes it feels as though they’re against me or they just enjoying yelling at me. But, they don’t. It hurts them. I see it in their eyes how it hurts. So i’m here to show how yes parents can yell, but they can also be your best friend. Noticing how my words could affect my parents it inspired me to show the fun side, where they can be your best friend. But I also photographed sides of them where it seems as though they would be against me. It’s a personal topic for me because having so many arguments with my parents it has caused distance. It has also caused hurt feelings and embarrassment. I’m here to show that it doesn’t have to be like that. I hope my viewers see that parents are fun. They can be cool and funny, not just boring parents who bicker and complain asking you to do millions of things at once. They can be your best friend, that no matter what they will love you forever. I tried to accomplish this by picturing both my mom and dad getting annoyed or telling me things to do. Like most parents. But also show how they can be fun and goofy. When looking at my art work see how they look. Their contact with me/the camera is everything. You can see the annoyance in their eyes. Also how much their smile is lighting their eyes up. Doing this project really opened my eyes up. My parents do an incredible amount for me. A lot of the time i’ll dismiss it or take advantage of them. Seeing how hard they work showed me I need to step it up. Not take everything for granted and realize that my attitude can hurt them.

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