ABC'S Of Africa By: Madison Witt

A is for Africa: Africa is the second largest continent and is South of Europe. Africa was once part of the large super continent (Pangaea) and created our current landscape of Earth.
B is for Britain: Britain helped colonize Africa. Africa faced imperial impression from Britain.
C is for Cocoa: The cocoa bean originated in Africa and is grown there. Cocoa is now enjoyed by an endless array of products around the world.
D is for Drakensberg Mountains: Drakensberg Mountains are located in South Africa. The elevation of these mountains are 11,424' tall and stretch 1000 km North to East.
E is for Ethiopians: Ethiopians speak Amharic. They also believe in Christianity and Islam.
F is for France: France helped colonize Africa. Africa had a lot of Frances interests.
G is for Ghana Empire: The empire of ancient Ghana is not related to modern day Ghana. Most people that lived in the Ghana Empire were farmers.
H is for H.I.V. : H.I.V was identified in West Africa in the late 1900's. H.I.V. jumped from chips to humans.
I is for Islamic Religion: Islam came to root on the East Coast of Africa. Islamic rulers expanded north and south.
J is for Johannesburg: In Johannesburg much chaos happened like riots due to the attacks over local immigrants.
K is for Kalahari: North-South 1000 miles long, East- West 600 miles long. Small number of people mainly Bantu speakers.
L is for Lingala: Lingala is a Bantu Language. Mainly spoken in the Republic of Congo.
M is for Mali Empire: Second of the three West African empires to emerge in the vast savanna grasslands. Located between the West African Gold Mines and the Niger River Floodplain.
N is for Namib: The Namib desert is 1200 miles long. The southern half is divided into farms.
O is for Orange River: The Orange river is South Africa's major river. The Orange River stretches 1,367 miles long.
P is for Portugal: Portugal was one of the countries that helped colonize Africa. They wanted to use a place for slave trade and a trade post.
Q is for Qu'ran: Qu'ran is the sacred text of Islam. It is regraded as the finest work in classical Arabic literature.
R is for the Rwandan Genocide:Lasted from April to July 1994. Rwanda murdered 800,000 people.
S is for Salt : Salt helped preserve the food. Africans traded gold for salt.
T is for Timbuktu:
U is for Udu:
V is for Victoria Falls:
W is for Water Scarcity:
X is for Xhosa: South Africa members. They live in Cape Providence.
Y is for Yoruba: People of Iran. Four official languages in Nigeria
Z is for Zulu: A million people speak Zulu in Africa. Zulu is also a Bantu Language.


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