Huntington's Disease By: Kaylee waters 5th hour

What is Huntington's Disease????

Huntington's Disease, or HD, is an inherited disease caused by a genetic defect in DNA resulting in brain cell death. It is considered a progressive brain disorder due to the deterioration of nerve cells causing emotional instability, cognitive loss, and uncontrollable movements. Many are left with psychiatric disorders.Can occur in adulthood or as a juvenile.

What are the symptoms?
1.)Depressive Mania
2.) Being socially withdrawn
3.)Having suicidal thoughts
4.)Being easily irritated
5.) Insomnia
6.) Inability to focus
7.) Interrupted thought process
What causes this disorder?

Is an autosomal dominant disorder that can be passed down from at least one parent that has this disorder. There is a 50% chance their children will have this disease. Huntington's Disease is usually developed in people in between the ages 30 and 50 but has been seen as early as 2 years into childhood as well as 80 years old.

The genetic defect responsible for Huntington's is a small glitch of DNA on chromosome 4. This results in several base pairs being repeated many times.
FUN FACT: A small number of HD cases are sporadic. This basically means that HD is developed without having any traces of it in the genetics of their family history.
There is no known cure for this disease but there are treatments and plans that are able to be made for the end of life transition. This disease is absolutely fatal and there is no way to get rid of it after you are diagnosed.


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