Squirrels By:Madison guccione

squirrels are beautiful and they love nuts!!!

FUN FACT: Squirrels are really blind when they are babes!!

A squirrels predators are birds, foxes, weasels, snakes,wildcats and more!!

A squirrels characteristics are that they are small and cute but just don't go near one.

A squirrels habitat is Missouri,forest, and they need nuts to stay alive!...

Some more FUN FACTS!!!!!: Squirrels are very good climbers they have pretty ears.

A squirrel is the cute to some people but to more they are not!;(

Squirrels diets are.......

Another FUN FACT: Squirrels have 6 babies in each litter!! But if you live in California there would be 5 to 8 per litter!!! WOW

Baby squirrels have 20 teeth WOW!!!!!!!!!

dogs and squirrels do not mix!!!!

Squirrels eyes are very small and they are known for there fluffy tails.

Squirrel have sharp claws!!!!

Here are some squirrels!! So they can defend themselves!!

Squirrels are beautiful animals I hope you learned something form this


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