Social Media Marketing "Evolutionary Ads"

Arby's captures the rapid growing gaming community through evolutionary social media marketing.

Over the past few months Arby's has been on fire with it's social media marketing campaign. Most ads featuring cardboard formed works of art depicting all things video games and geek culture and putting there signature curly fries to use. They have created some excellent advertisements.

The social media marketing team has played it very smart targeting games as they release or rise to popularity. This particular ad shows them promoting "Fallout 4" as it was highly popular in 2016.

Arby's team also took advantage of the quick popularity behind "Pokemon Go" showing their team pick of choice in the game and most likely capturing extra customers in the process.

As of late their signature curly fries have even been put to use on the campaign to promote games such as the highly anticipated "God of War" which was recently revealed and is set to release later in the year.

Not only have they targeted video games but have also targeted geek culture as well. Creating ads such as this one promoting "Futurama".

As of late their advertisements have only increased in quality as they have recently shown their cardboard art is looking better and better the more they release new ads. Below is a more recent look at recent ads for "Halo", one of the most iconic game series for "Xbox" and an even more recent ad promoting Nintendos new console the "Nintendo Switch" which has flooded video game news as of late.

Halo Ad by Arby's
Nintendo Switch Ad by Arby's

Most would have never thought Fast Food marketing would have ever been so successful by tackling video game and geek culture, however Arby's has shown very impressive and successful social media marketing with their new direction and strategy. They will definitely be remembered as pioneers in the advertising front for fast food.

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Arby's Social Media Marketing Team

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