Finding her style By: Grace wang

Megan Burke is a junior at Huron High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. For her whole life Burke has worn oversized clothing. However, recently she has been looking for empowerment in the clothes she picks out. While she still wears oversized articles, Burke feels that she now knows how to make them fit her style. In addition, she has new found confidence in some more form fitting pieces; a healthy mix of the two outline her style.

"I like fashion because it's a way for people to express themselves. Choosing what to wear can empower [you]," said Burke.

Burke’s black sports bra serves as a base to her bright blue jacket. Passed down from her grandmother, the jacket adds a pop of color to her neutral outfit. Burke’s Pink Satin Jordan Mids from New York add another colorful aspect to her streetwear style.

Keeping her jewelry simple, she has one cartilage piercing, which took a month of convincing to get, and a Star of David necklace. The necklace along with her tan cargo pants are borrowed from her close friends.

The makeup Burke wears is also an integral part of her outfit. Today, she focused on accentuating her eyes and eyebrows. Her inspiration for both clothing and makeup stems from the app "Pinterest".

"I get most of my inspiration from Pinterest." Burke said "When I'm bored I go through and pick out outfits or hair or makeup that I want to recreate."