Boscastle Flood by kadyn

Boscastle is a small north town in Cornwall which is a very popular holiday destination. On the 16th August 2004 Boscastle was hit with 1 to 2 months of rain, the weather had been dry recently meaning the land was quite dry, also there were slopes near the town meaning the rain water would rush of both surfaces traveling to the nearest river. Boscastle have three rivers, the Valency, Jordan and Paradise meaning all the river's water level would rise when rain water would rush in. In 8 hours the town was already flooded and 25 buildings were destroyed, it also had taken 50 cars out to see, 20 of them have not been recovered. Everyone had to be airlifted and the repair cost was 4.6 million pounds and was finished in 2008.

The flood was made especially worse when the impermeable rock at Bodmin Moor made the water level even higher.


Created with images by Daniel2005 - "The River into Boscastle"

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