Tectonic Plate Boundaries Hananeel morinville

Divergent Boundaries

Divergent boundaries move by seafloor spreading. When the plates move apart, a new crust is created by magma pushing up from the mantle. The stress on divergent boundaries is tension. Tension causes the oceanic crust to spread apart. Tension can create long mountain ranges. divergent boundaries form mid-ocean ridges,rift valleys and Volcanos.
East African Rift (left) Mid- Atlantic Ridge (middle) Rio Grande Rift (right)

Mount Merapi, a volcano located in Indonesia is an active volcano. It is the most active volcano in Indonesia. It erupted several times in late October 2010 and continued into November. Merapi's eruption was said to be one of the largest since the 1870s.

350,000 were evacuated out of the affected areas. Some people decided to stay in their homes even though the eruptions were still happening. Mount Merapi continued to erupt until November 30.

The volcano released sulfur dioxide which was a health problem to everyone around. The eruptions had an effect on global temperatures. 353 people died throughout all of these eruptions. Many people died becuase of the volcanic ash.

Convergent Boundaries

When two continents collide a subduction zone forms. Deep trenches are made when two continental plates collide. Compression is the type of stress on convergent boundaries, compression squeezes the rocks together which causes them to break or fold. After two continental plates collide a line of volcanoes form.

The Himalayas in Asia
The cascade mountain range in North America
The Andres Mountain range in South America
The April 1815 Tambora eruption was one of the biggest eruptions in history. The eruption began April 5 and erupted in Indonesia. Everything on the island was destroyed.
Thick clouds of ash was sent 20 miles into the atmosphere. The island was covered with ash for more than a month. The eruptions stopped on July 15 but clouds of ash was still there until August 23.
There were 10,000 deaths caused by the pyroclastic flows. 35,000 deaths caused by starvation and 10,000 deaths caused by disease, there were 88,000 deaths in total.

Transform Boundaries

A transform boundary forms when two plates slide past each other horizontally. Sheer stress is the stress on these boundaries, sheer stress pushes mass of rocks in 2 opposite directions, causing rocks to break apart or change shape. When the plates slide past each other, stress builds up causing earthquakes.

Alpine faults
San Andres Fault in California
San Andres Fault in California

Indonesia had it's most recent earthquake December 6, 2016. At least 100 people were killed and over 136 people are injured. The earthquake damaged homes, shops and mosques (a muslim place of worship). The earthquake happened in Pidie Jaya and the hospital was destroyed too. The earthquake did not trigger a tsunami.

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