Homer's Odyssey

What was the Trojan war? The Trojan war is a mythological war. It was a war that lasted 10 years against the people of Greece and the people of the city of Troy.

How did the war start and end? Because Aphrodite gave Helen to Paris King Menelaus of Sparta was Helen's husband and he asked for her back but Paris rejected him then they started the Trojan war. How it ended was that the Greeks had put a giant horse out side the walls of Troy but the Trojans thought it was a surrender from the Greeks but they attacked when everyone was sleeping then the Trojans took defeat.

This is where the Greeks attacked from.

Who were the major players in the war? There were a lot of major players in this war for example Achilles... Greatest hero. A other example was Odysseus... cleverest hero and then Priam the king of Troy and also Paris the prince of Troy.

How does Odyssey relate to it? Homer's Odyssey relates to this because it tells us the mythological battle but in a other way. There are many different stories about the Trojan war. Homer's Odyssey is a poem and is quite different. Homer is a author and wrote many poems and stories.

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