Augusto Pinochet "My library is filled with UN condemnations."- Pinochet

  • Augusto Pinochet was the President of Chile from 1973-1990.
  • He was known for his staunch anti-communist policies and infringements upon human rights.
  • He kick-started the economy and seemed to be exactly what Chile needed.
  • However, Pinochet's true political views came out when he started throwing Chilean communists out of helicopters and killing them slowly by machine gun fire in what came t be known as " The Caravan of Death"
  • an estimated 3,000 people were killed by Pinochet's secret police.
  • Pinochet was then tried for human rights violations shortly before his death, but he was able to escape the charges.

One of the eight themes of history Augusto Pinochet represents is the theme of revolution. he lead a military coup to overthrow the socialist government that ruined the Chilean economy.

Another theme of history Pinochet fits into is the theme of power. He abused his power as new President/Dictator of Chile to push his right-wing doctrine and to kill his political adversaries.

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