A Weekend on the Showboat Mississippi college hits the stage for a full weekend of SHowboat productions

The orchestra pit in the JPW auditorium in Aven Hall. The Orchestra will be directed by the pianist, Tyler Kemp.
An auditorium awaits a full weekend of musical theatre. Performances of showboat continue through Sunday.
This camera sits on the piano during the performance while live streaming to a monitor in front of the stage. Since the actors' backs are to the pianist, this will allow the actors to see him directing the music.
A video monitor sits on the front row along with an audio monitor. The actors can now see the hand motions made by the director.
A piece of music from the score of Showboat. This particular piece, called "Old Man River", is Featured throughout the performance.
An assortment of props for the performance. Props will be placed off stage during the show.
A full house gathers in the JPW auditorium just before Friday night's performance at 7 p.m.
Action! Act one begins for the Friday night showing.
A Mississippi College graduate assistant sings "Make Believe".
A fully lit stage during act two of Showboat.
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