Manuel V's Goals project ENGLISH 2 PERIOD 2

My Semester goal...

My Semester goal is to get at least a B on all my tests and quizzes. I also plan on being more on top of my work.

A few ways of accomplishing this are...

  • Studying
  • Ask for work when I'm tardy
  • Making cue-cards

My English goal...

My English-goal is to get an A in this class and to "ace" all my tests.

A few ways of accomplishing this are...

  • Doing my homework
  • Doing classwork
  • Taking the time to do any work that I might need to catch up on

My high school goal...

My high school goal is to get an A in all my classes and graduate my senior year with an advanced diploma so I can get into the college of my choosing and then into the career of my choosing. I also plan on getting Involved in different programs and extracurricular activities during my time here in Thunderbird.

my after high school goal...

My after-high-school goal is to enroll myself at ASU and to graduate, earning my bachelors degree, so I can get a career in engineering.

personal growth...

My, personal-growth-goal is to become more responsible and to gain self-discipline.


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