Watch These Kids Bloom 2014 & 2015 in Review

Officially a not for profit (501c3)

Watch These Kids Bloom becomes incorporated in February of 2014 and Kurt Swart became a founder in September of the same year. This was a year of new beginnings and growth in all areas of our Ministry.

a baby is born

April 2014 Prabhudas and Karuna Chokka welcomed their baby girl who they named after Founder Janet Green. Baby Janet is also affectionately known as Sharon Lily.

Baby Janet in November 2016

we all meet for the first time

Founder Janet Green made her first visit to India in July 2014.

First Trip to India

Children Perform

Community programs continued to expanded in 2014

Children at home

The children's home before the completion of The Bloom Center was a rented one bedroom apartment with one community bathroom. Apartments in the rural areas of India are not the same as in the United States as they are very small with very little ventilation and without air or heating units. This one bedroom was the home of 12 children and 2 adults for three and one half years.

we provided hope for those lost in tragedy

This woman was being held back from throwing herself into the fire - she had lost everything

we cared for the children who lost their families

We were able to give them some hope for the future

We rented a large bedroom and took care of these 13 children for one year while their village worked to put their lives back together.

Finding land and starting construction

Founders Janet Green and Kurt Swart travel to India in June of 2015 to find land for the future Bloom Center. Construction began November 2, 2015.

First airplane ride

Because our mission is to raise these children to be healthy and productive adults we believe that means giving them life experiences they would have never received if they were not in our care. We want these children to dream big and that means helping them see those dreams can come true.

Prabuhdas and one of older children Paul experience their first flight to Hyderabad. All the children were asked if they wanted to go and Paul was the one to step forward and brave the unknown. Both him and our leader Prabhudas did this scared - but they did it! Their outlook of the future was even brighter after this amazing experience. Paul was able to visit places he only had read about in his school books and was so happy.

Christmas celebration 2015


We cannot express our thankfulness to you - our partners in this mission. We cannot do this without the support of others and we are forever grateful.

If you are interested in financially partnering with us please do so as the need is great. We are open to any and all questions regarding our operations. Please feel free to contact Janet Green directly at any time. The "Contact Us" button below will direct you to our website where contact details are listed.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us. God Bless you and yours this upcoming year and always.

“For as the earth bursts with spring wildflowers, and as a garden cascades with blossoms, So the Master, God, brings righteousness into full bloom and puts praise on display before the nations.” ISAIAH 61:11

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