The temptation of presentation and Soft Skills in Bologna AN unforgettable erasmus ka1 mobility - 2018

Our course outline!

About Soft Skills

Many studies and research have proven how soft skills are directly linked to success. This is true especially in the education sectors where skills such as communication, language, personal habits, interpersonal skills, managing people, leadership, etc. that characterize relationships with other people are more crucial and relevant than in other sectors. Soft skills contrast to hard skills, which are generally easily quantifiable and measurable, but are not less important than those. By participating in this course WE DID improvED our soft skills such as working in a multicultural environment, managing a team, leadership, conflict management, public speaking, meeting management.


The course aimed to enable us to improve our soft skills such as teamworking, working in a multicultural environment, managing a team, leadership, crisis and conflicts management, public speaking and communication, meeting management. The general aim of this course was to foster excellence in education by empowering teachers, trainers, headmasters and other education staff to improve our soft skills together with other participants and trainers throughout all Europe gaining as well a broader understanding of education in Europe and exchanging best practices and experiences.

Maria Dangli and Marily Pourika in Florence!
Athanasios Kandilaptis , public speaking session.

Thanks to this course we, the three teachers of GYMNASIO MYGDONIAS, and our colleagues from Poland, Romania, Portugal, Lithuania and Iceland :

- Acquired knowledge and tools about teamworking and team management, conflict management, meeting management, public speaking and communication through specific practical learning sessions;-

Improved our practical soft skills through group exercises and tools’ simulations;

- Cooperated and learnt in international context improving our capacity to communicate in English and teamwork in a multicultural environment;

- Improved our Curriculum Vitae competences and our employability perspectives;

- Exchanged best practices and shared experiences with participants and staff coming throughout Europe;

- Made contacts with individuals and organizations working in the education field in Europe through everyday cooperation and networking and team-building activities;

Yana Mladenova was our teacher trainer. The great training material she used included a lot of power points archives which we share in this web site.

About Teamwork
About Public speaking!
About Leadership!
About assertiveness!
It was in BOLOGNA...!
In Florence!
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