One of The Best Basketball Players of all Time

Shaquille O'Neal was Born in Newark, New Jersey On March 6th 1972. But he did move around because his stepdad was a active military. Then the Family finally settled in San Antonio Were Shaq went to high school.
Just before his Senior season at Robert G Cole high school LSU recruited him for a full scholarship to play basketball.
After college Shaq was the first pick in the 1992 NBA draft and was drafted by the Orlando Magic. He played 4 seasons with the Magic.
After being with the Orlando Magic for 4 seasons Shaq was traded to the LA Lakers where he played for 8 seasons.
In 2006 shaq was traded to the Miami Heat. He played 4 seasons with the Heat.
Shaq played just 3 more years after leaving the Heat. He had other teams offer one year contracts and he took there offers. Then finally in 2011 shaq retired from the NBA.
After retirement Shaq does a lot of stuff in Hollywood for like movies. During his basketball career he was also a rapper.


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