Nicole's blog by Nicole Nguyen

My hero:

My hero is my grandma is because without her I wouldn't be here right now I would probably be living in Vietnam .She is the reason why I live here ,the reason why I do good in school ,she is the one who cooks for me ,cares for me ,and loves me.I could never ask for a better grandma.Cause the best grandma is already mine.

My career :

I don't know what I want to be yet however I know that I want to go to collage I want to have a bachelors degree .I want to live life to the fullest and focus on the positives.In order to do that I'm going to be myself .I 'm not going to to blend in when I know I stand out.I am going to be myself no one else but me.

my interests & activities:

some my interests include helping my family,shopping,hanging outs with friends and in joying the activities are i play softball ,and soccer and i play basketball for fun.

my favorite food :

My favorite food is probably anything that I ever tried as long it doesn't have nuts in it.some of the race the food comes from is : Asian, american,Mexican,and french.

my Pets

I have 4 dogs right now .My dogs names are patches , lucky ,Luna ,and Jack .They mean the world to me.I had 7 dogs in my whole life time.


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