Global climate change What can we do?

The Midwest is home to over 61 million people. Over the last several decades the temperature has increased by more than 1.5F. Projections of future precipitation show that heavy downpours are likely happen mostly in winter and spring months while summers will become drier especially in the southern part of the region.

These are some of the difficulties the mid-west face

  1. sewage systems are destroy fresh water
  2. Heat waves cause death and decrease crops from growing
  3. livestock life

Here are some ways we can prevent those problems

  1. To prevent our sewage systems from overflowing, we can do the following: Not pour grease, oil, or fats into our drains, wipe off grease spots on pots and pans before washing them, and scrape food scraps into the garbage.
  2. To prevent heat wave, install temporary window reflectors. Such as aluminum foil covered cardboard, to reflect heat back outside. Check your air conditioning, make sure to not leave children or animals in vehicles, drink water, and stay on lowest floor if you don’t have air conditioning.
  3. A way of preventing livestock sickness or death is making sure they have lots of water and a place to cool off. This is a good way for your livestock to stay alive through these heat waves and droughts.

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