10 Things you should know about being a baseball player Kevin Olson

1. Find any possible way to get on base.

Getting on base in baseball is the biggest impact to the game. No matter if it means hitting a Dinger (Home Run), or having to settle with a bunt, to move a runner up a base and just getting them closer to home plate is a huge impact on the game.

2. Accuracy

Accuracy is one of the hardest abilities in baseball. The reason for this is mainly for pitcher and catchers to keep the runners from stealing bases, also preventing hitters to get on base. It is all about placement of the ball. Depending on the batter, it determines where the ball should be placed (thrown). Every batter has a different preference on where they like the ball to be placed. Seen as their sweet spot in the box, meaning the area of the strike zone where he is most likely to get a hit with. If the pitcher is aware of where the batters weak spots are at the plate, they will try to put it in that spot the majority of the pitches given to them. This makes it so it prevents the runner getting on base or even extra bases. Accuracy is used to prevent any possible outcome given to the opposing team. That is basically the objective of the game, and that is why accuracy is so important. If you are a pitcher and you are unable to throw it where the catcher calls it, then you aren't seen as a true pitcher but only a just a thrower.


The style you have in baseball is one you usually stick with your whole career. Its all about your personal preference. The styles are either wearing your socks up or down is the biggest trend. Sometimes with my personal preference I like wearing stirrups. Another different style is the way the bill of your hats is. It might sound dumb but it is a surprising difference with people preferring flat bills or curved bills. I personally like curved bills because it makes me more zoned into what i am looking at. Lastly are the accessories, the accessories are evo shields which protect your arm and leg from getting hit with the ball. They aren't needed as much as thought of but they are worn to prevent any more of a serious injury. Evo shields are more of a stylish look and not very many people wear them. The higher the age of player the more you see them. You can see Derek Jeter wearing an Evo shield on his leg as a stylish accessory that is also useful to prevent any injury to an incoming ball.

4. Sportsmanship

After every game no matter the score you always shake hands with the other team and tell them good game as a sportsman like gesture. It teaches you to be a good sport even if you don't want to be. It shows you and your team still have character no matter what.

5. Superstitions

Superstitions are huge in baseball games because on game day you cant have any jinxes. One of the many examples is stepping on the chalk line before the game starts. Its seen as messing up the chalk gives you and your team bad luck for the game. Another example is during the game if a pitcher is throwing a no hitter or a perfect game, nobody can bring it up in front of them so they think the pitcher doesn't know how well he is really doing and mess it all up in the next pitch or inning. These are basically silly rules made up but at the same time they are traditions for every baseball team. It helps a team bond and makes better memories for the future.

6. Have each others backs

Your team is your family and no matter what happens in or out of the game you have each others back. Being on a team is more than just a group of people you play the game with. On or off of the field you guys are friends, family, and teammates all in one. Having each others backs proves your loyalty and ability to stand up for your team when they need it no matter what.

7. Practice Makes perfect

This saying really shows which player wants to be there more. How much effort you are willing to put into practice is seen as how much effort you will put in the game. If you are slacking at practices most likely you will not play as much as you had hoped for. The people who are the harder working and can prove that they want to be there more than everyone else are the ones who deserve to play more. It is all about the effort you put in when nobody is watching. It gives you better character and makes you stronger as an individual. It makes you more confident in your own skills and ability, being able to prove people who had doubted you in what you can achieve and become.

8. Stretching

Stretching is a huge part of baseball to help prevent injuries in game or practice. Athletes are big on stretching because it makes your body more limber for faster reaction and harder plays while still preventing injury. Only good comes out of stretching and it only takes no more than 20 minutes to do. Going into a game without stretching is like eating a whole pizza with a six pack of coke and saying i'm gonna go for a swim. Its just not smart to not stretch before a game.

9. Errors

If you make a game changing error then you might not know it but at that moment everyone on your team hates you. As harsh as it sounds, baseball is a very mental game and the physical errors make the mentality of the game much harder. Once one man makes an error your whole team feels like it starts to shut down. A lot of the time it is hard to keep the lead in the game after an error because everyone has a little bit of a panic and has even more of an urgency to get off of the field.

10. Know the rules

The rules is what keeps the game going. If you don't know the rules then there is no reason you should be on the field. Unsportsmanlike conduct is greatly over used in every sport, Baseball especially. Rules such as not sliding into the base and purposely running into the defensive player can get you thrown out of the game. Preventing the fielder from getting an out is also not accepted because the play is supposed to go off of the defensive players skill and not be interrupted by the offensive runner. A good example of this is, A ground ball to short stop and he fields it throws it to the second basemen and the runner coming from first doesn't get out of the way of where the defensive player is trying to throw it. That is causing an automatic out at first base even if there was no chance of getting the guy out. They do this because he was unable to complete the double play because of the runners actions. Also if you are the runner and do something like this your team will hate you for that inning only.


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