St. Vincent de Paul By. Matthew Cuomo

My favorite saint is St. Vincent de Paul. He was born in 1581 and passed away in 1660.

St. Vincent de Paul is the Patron of all charaitable societies. That includes charities; horses; hospitals; leprosy; lost articles; Madagascar; prisoners; Richmond, Virginia; spiritual help; Saint Vincent de Paul Societies; Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory; Vincentian Service Corps; and volunteers.

The feast day for St. Vincent de Paul is September 27.

St. Vincent de Paul had an interesting life. Some fun facts are...

He was accused of stealing over 400 crowns by his room mate.

The first 20 years of his life he tried to became rich and famous.

He was captured by pirates.

St. Vincent de Paul did not found the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

St. Vincent de Paul was popular. He was well known throughout Europe because of his kinds acts like founding hospitals, orphanages, and homes for mentally ill people.

St. Vincent de Paul was born to a family with financial problems on April 24, 1581. His first formal education was provided by the Franciscans. He did so well that he ended up tutoring for the children of a nearby wealthy family. He used the money he earned from teaching to continue to go to school at the University of Toulose where he studied theology.

In 1600 he was ordained and remained in Toulose for some time. In 1605, while on a ship traveling from Marseilles to Narbone, he was captured. He was brought to Tunis and sold as a slave. Two years later he found a way to escape with his master and made his way back to France.

St. Vincent continued his education in Anignon and Rome. While he was in a Rome he was in charge of giving money to the poor. He soon became a pastor at a small parish and continued to tutor. From this point on in his life he focused on helping others. St. Vincent de Paul did anything he could to provide for the people in need.

St. Vincent de Paul performed two miracles in his life. He cured a nun of ulcers and a laywer man of paralysis. As a result of the first, Pope Benedict XIII beatified him on August 13, 1729. Less than 8 years later (on June 16, 1737) he was canonized by Pope Clement XIII.

I pray to you Lord that all people in need and in tough times can get through their trouble. St. Vincent de Paul is a great example of how we should act and I hope that one day everyone will help others just like he did. I pray for all of the people in need and I ask for St. Vincent de Paul's help in making everyone in this world to get along. Amen.

I have neither given nor recieved help on this work.

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