Bilingual Dictionaries in Testing Helping international students to success in school

living in a different country is very common nowaday
Imagine yourself living in a different country for a long period of time beside the US
working and studying abroad are very different.
International students often have to spend more time on learning the words and concepts of the material than any American students would do.
They get anxiety and stress from the heavy load of school work. When it comes to testing, these issue prevent international student from doing well in their exams.
Provinding Dictionary to international students is a way to fill the English gap and release them from struggling
allowing dictionaries is also a way to improve international students' vocabulary
Liberty university is a place to train champion. I believe the school would understand the issue and consider allowing bilingual dictionaries in school.
Help international students to success in their education and make Liberty University a great place for students all around the world.


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