What I've done to penelope and telemachus

After troy I was stuck on the island with the cicones. I found live stock to eat and gain all of our energy back to sail. The men did not follow my orders, started to eat the animals. While we were eating, the cicones gathered an army to go against us. This was the act of the gods going against my orders to the men. After the attack we had lost 6 men per ship.
Second we came to a coastline of the lotus eaters. We landed there to take on water. I sent two men and a runner to learn what race of man that land sustained. Soon the gods made them find the lotus plants. They were gone for a very long time. When I found them, they forgot what the mission was because of this stupid plant.
We got off that island as soon as possible. Then I landed on an island homed to cyclops', all sons of god of ocean. We wondered into the cave where one of the cyclos lived. He was not being a good host because we ate his food and for some reason he got so mad he locked us up in his cave. Then I was amazing and stabbed the monster with a big stake so that everyone can get out alive. Besides the men that were eaten as soon we met cyclops.
After the cyclops my men and I traveled until I found a floating island. It was very strange because the top of the island was bronze and a palace o the top of it. When we breached the shore we found out this was home to aeolus, god of wind. This god was very generous and kind to me. Aeolus asked to share my stories to him and his children. They loved my stories so much I stayed there for one month!!!!
After that month we sailed again and passed by the laestrygonians. These things are giants that that only eat on human flesh so we saw them and quickly passed by them.
Then after the laesrygonians we want to an island that was home it a witch called circe. Not knowing this i sent my men to look for food and they heard a ladies voice. Of course they were attracted to it, so they all went in there besides one man. All the men that went in the home were turned into animals. The smart man that i trained reported back to me.
I was sent by circe to go to teiresias and the land of the dead. There we had to scarifies a goat to the under world. When i sacrificed the goat, teiresias showed up and pointed me to the direction. Before I left, I surprisingly I had a visit with my mother that somehow past away when i was at seas for 20 years. Then I went back to the ship and went off.
We went back to circe's palace to get supplies for the road home. She gave my men ear plugs for our next obstacle we are about to face; the sirens. The sirens are beautiful women that attract ships and make the ship crash. She told me if i wanted to listen to make the men tie me up and don't listen to me until the sounds are over.
As we set sail we approach the island of lovely sirens. I gave the ear plugs to the men like circe instructed. I alone hear the song flowing forth from the island. I yell and tell me men to untie me but know one listened to me like noble men they are.
After the sirens the men and I were between 2 vicious sea monsters. One was names charybdis and the other was named scylla. We avoided going to charybdis and went to scylla instead. When we got there the monster was in a big rock, probably as big as the island we live on. It caught me by surprise and killed most or my men.
After the sea monster a god talked to me and said there is an island with cattle on it but if your men eat the cattle they will die. knowing the men will disobey me. As soon as we get to thrinakia I go scout out a place so we can sleep. As I'm finding a place i start smelling food so I run back and there they are. My men slow roasting the cattle of their death. Soon after the men miraculously die.
I sailed to the nearest island. This is where the goddess of beauty lived. so i was forced to tay there for many years. But eventually i convinced her to let me go. When i was getting ready to go she offered me immortality, I declined that because i love u so much Penelope. Now I'm here with you telling the story of my journey from start to finish. Thank you for listening Penelope and Telemecous


Created with images by ccarlstead - "Trojan Horse" • Julia Velkova - "Islands" • Nico Nelson - "01-365 010113 The Lotus Eaters" • False Positives - "Cyclops" • Unsplash - "remote serene natural beauty" • Neville Wootton Photography - "Ankor Wat rear view Impression" • Becante - "Circe" • US Army Africa - "Memorial Day Ceremony - North Africa American Cemetery and Memorial - May 31, 2010" • Becante - "Circe" • srqpix - "The Siren Calls" • Leshaines123 - "Street Art Torrevieja Spain #dailyshoot" • egrego2 - "Jersey Heifer" • levent_karaoglu - "stone carving face archeology"

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