Jordan Burroughs Olympic gold medalist,world champ and father

Jordan wins his match

Jordan Burroughs is one of the greatest, and most inspiring Olympic athletes in the world. Jordan began wrestling when he was very young. On July 8,1988, He was born in sicklerville, New Jersey. His young beginning in wrestling started when he was five years old. To start,Young Jordan was inspired to do the sport by other wrestlers like the ultimate warrior and Macho man randy savage, two WWF wrestlers. He kept pursuing his dream in wrestling through all of his school years. Working his way up, He was one of the highest ranked wrestlers in high school, winning many championships. Soon after, Jordan received a scholarship to Nebraska, where his fame in wrestling continued to grow. He is a great wrestler who won so many awards and achievements in his career as he continued to excel more and more, and still does to this day.

Jordan wearing Olympic medal

Jordan Burroughs has had many great accomplishments in his career that show how good of a wrestler he is. In college he received three big twelve titles, had two national championships and won a wrestling trophy called the hodge trophy. Those were just his college rewards. Then, He continued to his pro career to win multiple world championships and won many gold medals in the olympics for team USA. He had amazing win loss records through college. The first year in college wasn't great, but over the next three years his final record was 111 wins and six losses. As he continued to wrestle in his pro career, he went three and a half years without a loss. Even though Jordan is very focused on his wrestling career, he makes time to do other things he enjoys in life.

Jordan with his son beacon wearing an Olympic gold medal

Jordan Burroughs has a great personality and likes to do other things that he enjoys besides wrestling. Even though he is a great pro athlete,He likes to think of himself as a normal person. Him and his wife, Lauren Mariacher, have a one year old son, Beacon. Jordan is a strong believer in Jesus, and hopes to have a large family. Even though wrestling is his all time favorite, he loves watching football and has certain favorite athletes he enjoys to watch. Burroughs believes in going after your dreams, and working hard to achieve them. His goal is to have the most wins in American history. Although he is so focused on wrestling, he enjoys so many other great things in his life and is a great inspiration in everything he does.

  • 2011 Pan American Games Champion - 74 kg
  • 2011 US Open Champion - 74 kg
  • 2011 World Champion - 74 kg
  • 2011 US World Team Trials Champion - 74 kg
  • 2012 US Open Champion - 74 kg
  • 2012 Olympic Trials Champion - 74 kg
  • 2012 World Cup Champion - 74 kg
  • 2012 Olympic Champion - 74 kg
  • 2013 World Cup Champion - 74 kg
  • 2013 Alexander Medved Champion - 74kg
  • 2013 US Open Champion - 74kg
  • 2013 World Team Trials Champion - 74kg
  • 2013 Stephan Sargsyan Champion - 74kg
  • 2014 World Team Trails Champion - 74kg
  • 2014 US Open Champion - 74kg
  • 2014 World Championships Bronze Medal Winner - 74kg
  • 2015 Alexander Medved Champion - 74kg
  • 2015 World Cup Champion - 74 kg
  • 2011 US World Team Trials Champion - 74 kg
  • 2015 Pan American Games Champion - 74kg
  • 100 Win Club (See Full list of 100+ wins here)

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