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Tunsiaia is a country in north Africa that is borded by the Mediterranean Sea and close the to the Sahara desert. You can see Tunisia is a spectacular place It struggles from Physical water scarcity.

Water scarcity Types

What is water scarcity, Physical water scarcity and economic water scarcity? Water scarcity is when there is't enough water to benifit our needs. physical water scarcity is when there is Physically not enough water to for fill our needs for example most of Africa is suffering from water scarcity because it Physical no water there. Economic water scarcity is when you don't have the money to afford infrastructure such as pipelines.

Some Factors That are causing water scarcity

Some of the factors that are causing water scarcity in Tunisia is Rainfall. the average rainfall in Tunisia is 66.8mm if you compare that to Perth that is 137.8mm less, their gigantic population growth is around 9 times more than are's this makes it extremely hard to save water. Surprisingly Tunisia water quality is quite decent, in urban areas the the drinking water is 100% clean with no parasites. But in rural area it is 90% containing small ammounts of parasites. "Socie'te Nationale d' Exploitation" a national water a supply authority, are designing a small and a medium water supplies in the remaining rural areas.

As you can see tunsia is next to Algeria and Libya

Question One: what is the cause of water scarcity in Tunisia

The cause of water scarcity is Tunisia is the high evaporating and low run off, this not good the high evaporation makes 65% to evaporate that makes 35% of the water to run off. You may think that is not that bad but if you think about 66.8mm is their yearly rainfall 75% evaporates and 25% gets reused. It makes it even harder because of there fast population growth. You can see how lucky that we Live in Australia.

Patterns of rainfall in Tunisia

Precipitation is any sort of liquid that fall the sky.

Population density

Density inhab km3 means how many people in area in the range

Water Availability in Tunisia

These are all connected because water is a essential thing to have to stay alive on this planet. So it's is important to know the average rainfall that you receive in the year. Population fits in because humans need to consume water to stay alive so they. need to get the average to see how much each person gets.

Question 2:How does the the environment affect the availability of water

The environment affects the availability of water is that the hot dry Environment makes the water to evaporate this affects the availability of the water because of there little rainfall and high evaporating rates it makes it hard to save water.

Question Three: What problems do Tunisian people face because of this problem

Some of the problems they face, are most of the drinking water is evaporated is makes even harder to use it because of there extremely high population 9 times as Perths this impacts water usage.

This is how Tunisia use its water
This shows the yearly rainfall and the Climate

Question 4: What is beans down in Tunisia

Tunisia is constructing a complex and divisive water infrastructure to mobilise access to liquid water. They are designing small and medium water supplies in the remaining rural areas.

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