1.What catastrophic event did you choose and why? I chose Hurricane Katrina because I want to learn more facts/Interesting info on Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina leaving homes in ruins and to flood.

2.When and where did the catastrophic event occur? Hurricane Katrina occurred on August 29,2005,ashore over southeast Louisiana, south Florida, Gulf Coast, and New Orleans instantly turning into a category 4/3 storm. In only several minutes Hurricane Katrina was one of the deadliest storms in the world destroying and flooding everything.

3. Hurricane Katrina was weather-related, but also was geological in nature.

almost everything left under water

4. How large an area did Hurricane Katrina effect? Hurricane Katrina effected mostly by whole regions

Everything was destroyed! almost nothing left

5. What physical damage to the region and environmental effects resulted from Hurricane Katrina? The initial contamination devastated the regions biodiversity and ecological health. Estimated 805 of New Orleans was under water.

6. How was the land affected? Hurricane Katrina left lots of beach erosion, and lots of overwash deposition

7.How will the ecosystem recover afterwards? The ecosystem had primary and secondary succession involved but more secondary succession took most action and most ecosystems recovered

Super strong winds and water everywhere!!!!

8. Were people prepared for the event, able to evacuate or taken by surprise? Many people living in the area were caught off guard leading to several deaths, but some people were ready for the hurricane.

Thanks for reviewing my project!!Have a great day.

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