Bethany Hamilton Corageous and Determined

Bethany Hamilton

The Challenge

Bethany Hamilton was born February 8, 1990 in Lihue, Hawaii. She is currently living in Kauai, Hawaii with her husband and son. Bethany was born into a family who had a passion for surfing. Naturally, she began surfing around the age of four. By the age of eight she began surfing competitively. When it came to surfing against people who were much older and experienced it did not bother her. However, an event occurs that put a halt to her career. On October 3, 2003 she and her friends went surfing. She put her hand in the water and then she felt a tug and saw the water around her become red. A tiger shark has bitten off her entire arm all the way up to her armpit. Somehow she remained calm as she was carried to the hospital in an ambulance. She lost around sixty percent of her blood, but through surgeries she remaimed living. This affected her, her family and her rising career. Once she lost her arm, her entire life changed drastically. Everything she ever knew was changing. She had to learn how to do certain things all over again and her family helped, but had to grow accustomed to Bethany only having one arm. That was a very big challenge to overcome.

Courageous Act

Bethany's determination to surf again drove her to come back. It only took her one month after the shark attack to begin surfing again. Within two years, she won a national title. She realized just how much she truly proves surfing and began competitively doing that. Sacrificing her fear was the only way to do what she loved most again. While she also was forced to give up her arm, she did not let that stop her and continued striving forward. Because she did not let worries stop her, she was able to become the success she is. Bethany has put her faith in Christ throughout her life and has been blessed. She said that when she got into the amubulance, the paramedic told her "God will never leave you or forsake you." Bethany out her trust in Christ when she was five, but the traumatizing event that she endured forced her to trust in Him much more. Since then she has won The Best Comback Athlete Award, a National Title, and many more. Documentaries, movies, and videos have been made about her story. Through everything that she went through she trusted focused on God. The world has been largely impacted by her ad inspired by her story. Through this she has blessed many other people.

Personal Reflection

Bethany Hamilton has also impacted me. She did not let fear come in the way of her determination and strive for greatness. Fear has always been a big part of my life because I worry and stress about things that are out of my control. I get scared that I will do something wrong or that something will happen to me and I get afraid to take certain kind of risks. It is inspiring when you see s like Bethany, who overcome such a great barrier, not fear and continue moving on. It is a God reminder that nothing is impossible with God, to work hard and have determination, and keep putting my trust in God. Bethany kept her fight in Christ, achieved greatness, and inspired the world.

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