Historic(Islamic/Arabic)Cairo A UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE


Cairo,The Capital Of Egypt and the largest cities.Cairo is located in Egypt,a country located in the sandy dunes of Africa.The city’s metro area is the largest in the middle east and the Islamic and Arabian world,and is associated with ancient Egypt as the Giza pyramid structure and the ancient city of Memphis is located in its geographical area.Located near the Nile,modern Cairo was founded 969 CE by “The Sicilian” of the Fatimid dynasty,but the land composing the present day city was the site of ancient national capitals whose remnants remain visible in parts of Old Cairo.Cairo has long been a center of the region’s political and cultural life,and it's named”the city of a thousand minerals”.

This is the Islamic/Arabic city of Cairo.

Cairo's Signifigance

The reason the importance of Cairo is expected is because of it’s the capital of egypt and of its ancient history.The Egyptians often refer to Cairo as Misr the Egyptian Arabic name for Egypt itself,emphasizing the importance for the country.Its original name al-Qahirah means “The Vanquisher”and or”The Conqueror”,supposedly due to the fact that the planet Mars,al-Najm al-Qahir was rising at the time when the country was founded,possibly in reference to the much awaited arrival of Caliph al-Mu’izz li Din Allah who reached Cairo in 973 from Mahdia,the old Fatimid capital.In Coptic the city is known as Kahire,meaning "Place of the Sun", possibly referring to the ancient city of Heliopolis, the main seat of worship of the solar deity Ra—(or Re). The location of the ancient city is the suburb of Ain Shams. The ancient Egyptian name for the area is thought to be Khere-Ohe, "The Place of Combat", supposedly in reference to a mythical battle that took place between Seth and Horus.Sometimes the city is informally referred to as Kayro.

This is the Sphinx of Giza in Cairo,Egypt.

What would happen if Cairo were neglected or not protected?

If Cairo was not protected,then the environmental issues that are occurring there will increase like,air pollution,noise pollution,encroachment of water(rising sea levels),tourism,development and traffic all those will occur there if this happens and not only that but the population of that city and country will also end in decreasement of that place.

This is what could happen if the Encroachment of water in Cairo would increase.

The Weather

In the past,Egypt never receives any precipitation but does receive winds and strong ones too.The winds are basically the issue the problem for the weather because of strong the winds are.Due to such strong winds that they create another danger to the country that are severely dangerous called sandstorms.Sandstorms are so dangerous because you couldn't breathe due to so much sand filling through the air you could suffocate and not only that but they also blow you away due to the strong winds that are connected to the storm.

An example of a sandstorm(its amazing how a strong gust of wind can make the sand rise of the ground).

Ways to Visit Cairo

There are many ways to visit Cairo by plane,boat,car,train or bus but the best was and quick way would be to go by plane because on a boat it will take a little longer,on car and bus it will take way too long and train would be a lot longer than the boat but for Egypt by plane it will take 15 hours,but as for car...it would take almost a week to get there because of course it’s really far away from the United States.

Most people would use plain because its much faster
If plane is not an option,this is the second best option because it is the second fastest way.
If there are no other options car is the last option,but it will take much longer than any other transportation.


To summarize it all,Cairo is the largest and most populated around Africa and not only that but it has the most tourists attractions due to Egypt's ancient history which is one reason why this place is important and why it should be protected and visited because if this place was not protected not only will its treasures will be gone but also the city itself due to Environmental issues and natural disasters,Now the best transportation to get there is by plane because it only takes 15 hours and the other ways of transportation will take a day or even a week.


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