Spindle E.K. Johnston

The overall place in this book is Kharuf. Kharuf is the place where everyone went when there kingdom was destroyed by a beast. If I were to imagine this I would think of a nice little place where everyone is equal. It may be full of little huts since no one has enough money to buy a huge house but everyone is happy and free.

The specific locations are the three hut/houses. The main house was Tariq house. He isn't the main character but they like to hang out at his house because it's the closest to the other two. It is in the middle.

The time period was decades ago and the season is in summer. I imagine it being very sunny. I also imagine that it is a time where it is fun to play outside. It makes me feel happy because the main characters have fun playing and spending time with each other.

It is sunny and nice out. I can tell because in the beginning of the book it says they were all playing and having fun outside in the sun. I also know that they do a lot of things with farming because that is one of the main jobs so that means they live in a good environment instead of a pollutant one. This makes me feel very happy because if they lived in a pollution environment it would be a much sadder book.

It is crowed community. I know this because who ever lived in Qamih moved to Kharuf because it was safer than Qamih. This makes me fell good because then they already had friends there to help them with things. For example they could help them build a home and support them since they lost so many loved ones

There is a lot of hand made clothes. You can also tell that they are made from decades ago because they are the type of skirts and tops no one would where these days. The last thing that tell you they are very old is when they had the party they had very big dresses like they use to have. With the under plastic part.

There are two main moods. One mood is being very sad. They are sad because all of there loved ones died and at the beginning of the book they are very lonely. Another mood is happy because everyone supports them and makes them feel better until they have a very happy kingdom

The setting affects the story because if they were never go to Kharuf it would have meant that they were still in Qamih. If that were to happen the story would be completely different it would be different because all of them would still be a happy kingdom and no one would have died. Truly I wish they never moved to Kharuf because then they would be happy with there family instead of having to do everything without there family



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