The American Dream Suzanna Normandin/ Hour 2

The American Dream is something everyone wants.. a perfect life, no worries in the world, a happy family, and many true friends. In today's society that's hard to get because most people don't have that mentality to succeed and do good in life. But there are also many people who were given and easy life and didn't have to work for it, those people may be greedy and expect everything to be handed to them. That's not the ideal American Dream people earn things and work hard for it, greedy people aren't happy although they may get what they want and seem happy at the moment but truly deep down they aren't . This is a problem that has been going on since back then but is still going on till this day, many people getting what they want and being greedy about it, but then there's the hardworking and dedicated people to succeed in life. People don't understand the full meaning if The American Dream, some may think they have it but others will always mourn over how much they wish they had it. Life isn't easy and the things you want do not come when you want, there are many ups and downs, many hard times, but that's the thing it's not all about having the perfect life of The American Dream, it's having a happy, fun, loving, and caring family who will always be there for you. Money causes people to be greedy because they think that they are better then everyone else around them just cause they have money, but when you think about it... yeah you can buy anything you want and do things no one else can, just for that split second you feel a moment of joy but if your greedy and think your better then everyone else. Just look at the bigger picture and see that no one will want to be your friend or be there when your having tough times If you want to have the ideal perfect American Dream don't let greed take over your life, work hard for the things you want and accomplish every obstacle you face.

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