Of Mice and Men By Isaac roqueta

  • Lennie gets in a lot of trouble
  • He only remembers what George tells him
  • He doesn't know his strength
  • He has killed so much mice.
  • His Aunt Clara passed away.
  • His best friend is George.
  • Killed Curleys wife on accident.

(Pg9). - I am taking it away just for meanness. That mouse is not fresh, Lennie.

(Pg23) when the sound of the footsteps had died away George turned on Lennie. So you wasn't gonna say a word. You was gonna leave your big flap or shut and leave me do the talking.

  • Very responsible
  • Cares for Lennie
  • Lennies Bestfriend
  • Hard worker
  • Loves work
  • Wants to finish work and not worry about anything.
  • Killed Lennie

(Pg15) George motioned with his spoon again. Look Lennie. I want you to look around can remember this place can you.

(Pg23) George turned on Lennie. So you wasnt gonna say a word.

  • Very old man
  • Carlson shot his old dog.
  • Wants to help out George and Lennie
  • Lost his arm and got $250
  • Misses his dog
  • Trying to help George escape the ranch without being seen.

(Pg19) The old man put the yellow can in his pocket, and he rubbed his Bristly white whiskers with his knuckles.

(Pg29) like with the old man says, curly don't take no chances. He always wins.

  • hates bigger and taller people.
  • Has a glove full of Vaseline on his hand
  • Lenny broke his hand
  • His old man is the boss
  • He has a wife
  • His wife died

(Pg27) Carly says he keeping the handsaw for his wife. Well, that gloves full of Vaseline.

(Pg26) Curleys pretty handy. He done quite a bit in the ring. He's a lightweight and he's handy.

Curleys Wife
  • Always wants attention
  • Flirting with Lenny
  • Her husband is curly
  • She doesn't like your husband
  • Lenny killed her
  • she doesn't want to be with her old lady

(Pg31). If he ain't I guess I better look someplace else, she said playfully.

(Pg31) Lennys eyes move down over her body, and though she did not seem to be looking at Lani she braided a little. Sometimes Curleys in here she explained.

  • Hard worker
  • Takes cares of puppys
  • Makes sure everything is going okay.
  • Gave a pup to candy and lennie
  • Very nice person
  • Cares for alot of people except curley.

(Pg35) slim looked through George and beyond him. Ain't many guys travel around together, he amused. I don't know why. Maybe everybody in the whole damn world is scared of each other.

(Pg38) slim reached up over the card table and turned on the chain shaded electric light.

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