Momoh Foray Reporter and Radio presenter

Momoh is a reporter and radio broadcaster for the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corperation, based at Kailahun, in the east province.

Recently Momoh had been struggling to read the news and take notes when covering stories in the field. His eyesight had been failing and he found himself requiring a great deal more light to read. Spectacles are very hard to acquire in Sierra Leone and it is almost almost impossible to have an eye test and purchase prescription glasses in rural regions of the country.

Fortunately Momoh was asked to broadcast news of a Vision Aid Overseas Eye Care team visiting his remote region of the country. For several days he made announcements on the radio offering a chance for free eye examinations and help with eye conditions. Keen to avail himself of their help Momoh came to Kailahun Government Hospital on their first day to report on their activities and have an eye examination himself.

With a brand new pair of reading spectacles Momoh Foray returned to work to check that he would at last be able to read the news again and carry on being a broadcaster and reporter for the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Company.

Momoh Foray reading the evening news

Listen to Momoh Foray explaining how he has benefited from the work of Vision Aid Overseas. If you would like to find out more click on the link below

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