12 Days of Techmas By leo Colling AND HUNTER KVASNICKA!

Adobe Fireworks is a designing program for making website prototypes and application interfaces. Also it can be used for creating visual and graphic designs. It was created be Macromedia and since 2006 it has been developed by Adobe. Macromedia created it for making advanced graphics to add to websites. Using Fireworks, you can apply behaviors to objects, add text, symbols, and images. Once you are ready with you design you can export the file as a PDF.

Adobe Spark is a program that makes it easy to create stunning social post and graphics, like the one are doing now. It allows people to create a free web story containing text and graphics. It is also a very good place to create prototypes for web ideas.

Canva is a way to easily create designs and documents. You can also design presentations, social media graphics, and more with thousands of layout options. You can also use images on graphics and type on them with hundreds of fonts.

Quizlet is a great learning site, and can be used for studying different topics or subjects. It was created ten years age by Andrew Sutherland. On it you can also play educational games and take practice tests.

Using Sway you can create and share interactive reports, presentations, personal stories, and more. Easily share by sending links. See suggested search results based on your content.

Adobe flash is used to deliver high impact web content. Designs, animation, and application user interfaces are deployed immediately across all browsers and platforms, attracting and engaging users with Web experience. The four latest platforms are Windows, Macintosh OS X, Linux, and Chrome OS.

With Kahoot you can create your own games to play. You can also play other people’s games too! You can challenge your friends and other people to see who knows more.

Java Script is best know as the scripting language for web searches. Used to design/program used to design / program how the web pages behave on the occurrence of an event. It is an easy to learn and also powerful scripting language, widely used for controlling web page behavior.

Kodu is made for specifically creating games. You can also download it on gaming consoles. It was released seven years ago on June 30th. It was developed by Microsoft researchers and it operates on windows.

Ctrl+Shift+q+q will restart your Chromebook. This is helpful if your Chromebook is acting up. There is a backfire to it though because a lot of people do it to each other. It is way faster than pressing shut down because then you don’t have to move the mouse at all.

Ctrl+the show tabs button will take a screen shot of your screen. You can use this to download pictures on to different files or to put on presentation. This will take a picture of your whole screen so don’t think it will just take a picture of a certain are, you would have to zoom in for that.

Ctrl+T will open a new tab. This is not to much faster than clicking a new tab, but it still is good to know. It is good for opening a new tab right off of you home screen though.

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