This is the entrance from where you walk in the front doors. The printing of the mascot on the floor is very special to this school. You can never walk on it, so you have to walk around it.

Here is the guidance/counselor office
This is the assistance principal
This is STAD "student administration" this is the worst place to be because when you get called down here or get sent here your in BIG trouble.
This is the cafeteria or as the school calls it the "commons".
This is where you buy your food at, for school lunch its not bad school lunch like you would think its decent food.
This is the best thing in the school in my opinion, the snack cart. They have really good snacks and drinks.
This is the hallway you will walk through when you go to stad,the cafeteria,art,and music.
Here is a project you will see when your in the art hall.
This is the trophy case
This the gym where you do activities for P.E and have assemblys here.
Here is the library located on the main floor.
This is the collab lab where you present to a class or a group,located in the social studies hall.
This is the Social Studies Hallway located on the main floor.
This is the math hallway located on the 2nd floor.
Here is the science hallway also on the 2nd floor.
This is the foreign language and FACS hallway, it is located in the basement.
Here are the FACS room where you can sew and cook.
Here is industrial tech room where you work with engineering and technology.
The first staircase is by room 214 and the second staircase is by the FACS room.
Here is the fitness room it is located in the basement,you come here to work out during PE.

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