The Music Sounds Better with you Research on 3 different bands: Florence and the machine; Studio killers; public enemy

Signature type - Florence and the Machine's latest album
Alchemy symbols
Original ogo that Florence herself has designed as she describes herself as air and water
As time has went on she began to use a gold colour. This colour scheme links to alchemy as alchemists attempt to make gold with chemicals.
The same here but the colours are switched
Alphonse Mucha - 1881 he started his freelance work
On the cover of such a prestigious magazine
Steals another cover
Wouldn't imagine seeing her here but here she is!
BBC were the ones who promoted Florence + the Machine
At least they've done something alright...
Florence's twitter - Imitating her album cover Lungs
Florence promoting herself
Look at us Flo!
Her not so secret love for Lady Gaga
Interesting interview...
Very well done cover for the interview - there's something so familiar about it... I just can't put my finger on it...
Her the article talks about this book club that Flo's fans made and she involves with them. They are known as "Between Two Books".
She mentions this book in the interview as it is the more recent book chosen to read by her club
The book cover is what pulled me, so bland around the edges but so bold and powerful within those white borders
This was designed by Mario Cubillo, I found this on his site 'Cubillo Design'
Designers Hangman and Metalman (partners in business) were given the task to design the stage for Florence + the Machine.
3D plan
Final product, art deco - very Gatsby, suits Florence's unique chic style
Sharp logo altogether, just like some of singer Cherry's lyrics - "I see it in your trousa's, the way you seem to browse her".
Still a very sharp logoo but the messy spray paint colours are typically connected to clubs as they tend to play more electric, dubstep, beat-like music. This exploits the message and branding of the band's sharp electronic branding.
From what I understood, Goldie Foxx - the keyboardist - and Dyna Mink - the disc jockey - had written out lyrics for a English girl band who dropped off their label and then were instead put into contact with Cherry. "Who is in Your Heart Now?" is the name of their first song together.
Their music video for their song "Ode to Bouncer" using YouTube is what publicised their band to the humans.
This is an Anglo-Danish-Finnish band which includes the members: Cherry, the singer; Dyna Mink; the disc jockey; Goldie Foxx; the keyboardist.
Cherry is also a designer as well as the singer so I would believe she is the one who designed the logo
Eros and Apollo
Jenny - a song that involves a homosexual relationship. Trust me I mentioned this for a reason - no triggers intended.
According to the web the Studio Killers played at both the Ruisrock and Ilosaarirock festivals in Finland even though those concerts as you may have noticed are rock concerts...
This is Studio Killer's tweet mentioning how they are helping with the 'Diversity' campaign Channel 4 is making
This gives the branding idea of a part of the target audience is people who are non-prejudice and are a part of the LGBTS community.
On their Facebook page as well as the Twitter page they have posted a memorial to David Bowie.
The Studio Killers do not have a lot to sell as they aren't a huge band therefore no memorabilia.
This band that started in the early 1980s made songs about concerns toward the African-American community and about the American media, probably why there's the sight/cross-hairs of a gun aiming at a silhouette of probably one of the band members.
This symbolises the African-American community being targetted. The band member Chuck D has a BFA in Graphic Design from the Aldephi University on Long Island so designed the logo himself.
The Hip-Hop genre members are: Chuck D, Flava Flav, Khari Wynn, DJ Lord and Professor Griff. The band formed in 1982 on Long Island. The reason they are named the Public Enemy is because Chuck D created a tape called 'Public Enemy #1' as he felt oppressed by the local culture group (a.k.a. local scene is the subcultural term).
They have their own media page
Talking about their single for the 2012 paralympics that rated them the highest ranked hip hop band at 44th on the charts


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