Math Presentation World Population by:al jazi alkhulaifi

This is my world population graph

here are the points I created for each interval

I made a slope for each interval slope 1: 0.05 slope 2: 0.3 slope 3: 13.9

this is my line of best fit for the whole graph

what I find interesting about my graph is that it increases very quickly at one point which shows how our population is growing more than before

here I have the table showing the years and population

my y-intercept for interval 1 is y=0.05*+170 slope 2: y=0.35*-38 slope 3: y=78.59*+ 2956.41

here are my calculations

I predict that the population in fifty years will be 11 billion because I see a pattern on my table but I also don't think so because in some countries the population is decreasing so I may be wrong. I think the population will be 13.25 billion in 95 years from now. Since i predict the population in 100 years from now will be 13.5 I subtracted it in half and got 13.25

thank you for your attention


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