Fruit Island By:cara cummins

Fruit Island is know for it's great fruit!

Fruit Island is an island in the north pacific ocean. The island is uncomfortably close to the ring of fire, so climate change is very well know there. But the fruit still grows perfectly and still makes the island money from exporting it to the Americas. Fruit island is part of North America but it isn't physically connected so they can still import and export goods from North and South America, they also import and export goods from Mexico.

North Pacific ocean (where fruit island is located)
  • Fruit island has a democratic government and is located in the north pacific near the Hawaiian islands and close to the ring of fire. Due to the island being so close to the ring of fire the climate changes a lot from 90 degrees to 20 degrees over night except it doesn't snow ever on the island and no one knows why, however most days it is sunny and cool.
  • The Strawberries along with the president of the island hold all power over the executive branch, the islands president's name is Barry Allen, the legislative branch isn't allowed allowed to do much, some things that they are allowed to do is live in a house of their own, own property, buy their own vehicles, etc. But they aren't allowed to rule the world,hold all power over the other branches, or arrest innocent citizens.
  • The Mangos hold all power over the legislative branch. There are two houses or representatives the tomatoes and the peaches Mangos control the laws that are sent in, and if the congress agrees then they pass the law, but if they don't agree with the law then it is sent back in to reconfigure. The mangos aren't allowed to do much either, they are allowed to drive, own property, travel, etc. But they aren't allowed to arrest, press charges, or quit to become a judge.
  • The Bananas hold all power over the judicial branch. The bananas are the lucky ones all because they get to drive, own property, travel, buy own food, judge, etc. However they aren't allowed to arrest but they are allowed to present someone as guilty or innocent.
  • All of the branches balance each other out and cant hold power over each other.
  • Major issues on the island are climate change and the fact that the population has come up a lot and is still growing. Which means the island in going to have to down size, there are to many people there and not enough space, and to add onto that, the volcanoes on the island and in the ring of fire are active so people tend to stay away from them, so there really isn't free space other than on farms, however there aren't very many farms since most people on the island are vegetarians and only have fields for growing fruit and they aren't very big.
  • The island imports and exports fruits and veggies and very rarely some grains.
  • Because of the island being connected to North America the people of the island have freedom of speech and religion. Most people of the island are bilingual. The island has over 750,000 tourists coming from all over the world each year because of the amazing views, beaches, food, and the volcanoes.
  • FACTS:
  • The island is near the ring of fire and has a lot of climate change.
  • The island is a popular tourist destination
  • Fruit island was named after the Fruit Island cereal.
  • People get arrested every year for stealing others fruit from their fields.


Created with images by Couleur - "fruit bowl shell fruit" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Blue Marble 2000"

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