Tragedy in the 1930s Emilia Duda

Due to the stock market crash, people lost all their money and jobs. Because of this in order to supply for their family people had to sell their homes and live in hoovervilles.
This is a family that lives in a hooverville and is clearly struggling because they cant shower or live in their own home.
This is a picture of the Fireside Chat. Franklin D Roosevelt sat down and spoke over radios telling people that everything was going to be okay and that the banks closing was only temporary and the banks would be up and running soon.
In order to escape reality people would often throw away the little money they had on plays and movies.
Sad child in the 1930s. Hes really affected by his father losing his job.
These three girls are a representation of how people are living in the 1930s after the crash. Their dirty and their clothes are torn.
This is a soup kitchen. People would stay here and get free food because they couldn't pay for it.
This is a newsletter showing people what had happened to the economy.
This guy has been forced to sell his own car for money for food or shelter for him and/or his family.
These woman were guarding there mouth's from breathing in dusty air and getting infected lungs.
This shows a farm of a neighborhood that is about to get struck by a dust storm.
This shows a farm of a neighborhood that is about to get struck by a dust storm.
This man is clearly dedicated to solving his families problems and he will do anything for them including walking the streets with a sign.
Although many people were unemployed some people were wealthy would afford nice clothes.
This woman is comforting her children because their obviously scared or cold or something of the such.
This is a billboard that shows us that we will get out of this depression and there is no need to worry and everything will be alright.

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