The Good Life at the Harn Museum Gilberto Barrios

MEDIUM OF THE ARTWORK: Here we have a Chinese collection of jade pieces depicting natural scenes, on a boulder and other people doing work. I was really inspired and admired the medium of this collection because I associate it with majestic qualities and chinese culture which I personally feel is enlightening and very peaceful. These collections are from the Qing dynasty and the jade is from the 18th century.
DESIGN OF THE MUSEUM: The design of the museum gives off a very serene vibe which is appealing to most visitors of this place. The natural scene relaxes the mind and gives anyone going outside a good time and enjoyment of the beauty of Gainesville. The space of the museum and its creation is very important to the visitor and how the artworks are layed out.
ART AND CORE VALUES: This artwork is very indicative of my roots from Cuba and how many of my ancestors worked super hard to put me in the place I am today. It shows a hard working man bent over cutting down weed and grass with a large machete, representing the obstacles we must overcome in life in order to succeed and get rid of all the bad omens. This painting is made out of Lenocut by Rafael Tufino, a Puerto Rican painter. It is called Sugar Cane Cutter.
ART AND THE GOOD LIFE: This artwork depicts a European group of people along the coast of a French-Spanish hill just admiring the view and performing their daily chores with a beautiful day in sight. In my opinion, the good life is measured by the individual entirely but in my case and in the case of many other, life in regions of the Earth like this is very special and would bring me much happiness to just spend time with the people I love in a small village, perform my duties in a pleasurable scene, and enjoy the serene and peacefulness of nature.
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Gilberto Barrios


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