Good Life: Nature Activity FL Musuem of Natural History

Nature on Display: On this particular day, it was raining so when we were at the butterfly exhibit, it was wet and not many butterflies were out (which was a good thing because I have an odd fear for butterflies) so we checked out the frog exhibit. I thought the frog exhibit was very cool and I felt like a child in a candy store. Looking at all the different types of frogs was so mesmerizing and fascinating. Seeing the amphibians in person was a lot different from seeing them in pictures or videos because they appeared more real with their real-time breathing and I could see their eyes watching us. My favorite was the display with the poison dart frogs. Their skin looked so plastic-like that they looked fake and their colors are more vibrant in person than depicted in pictures. All these displays of nature in the museum provided a little world from our usual human-inhabited environment which was very refreshing.
Nature and Ethics: At the natural history museum, I got to be in a little world of "the outdoors." Being in those areas had a calming effect on the mind and body which promoted more appreciation for the natural environment. Watching the young children running through the exhibits with excitement and curiosity reminded me to admire the fact that Gainesville still has many open wildlife as opposed to the more urban cities. Being a nature-lover, I was pleased to see more and more people becoming aware of our natural environment and working to preserve it when they attend these museums. I did not take a picture, but there was a spot where the museum listed the endangered species in Florida and had information about the organisms. I found this really interesting and I hope others will find it interesting too so that we can appreciate our natural world more and work to live along with nature without destroying it. (Photos taken by Rachel Lotze)
Nature and the Human Spirit: Something that I found to be very cool at the museum was that it had areas where it made us feel like in a different world. For example, I've never been to a cave before and they had a section where they mimicked what the inside of a cave would look like. There was also a section that made us feel like we were underwater and the enlarged fish, mollusks, and anthropods made us feel so small in this mysterious underwater world. Sometimes we're so immersed in the technological life and learning more about it so that we can improve it, that we tend to forget about the natural world and how there are still many mysteries about it. Museums like the Florida Natural History Museum, prod at our heads about the wonders of nature and they enlighten us with the majestic wildlife on the planet we call home. (4/6 photos taken by Rachel Lotze)
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