Veganism at Liberty University A healthier choice for a happier student body

These nutritious, vegan dishes and many others like them are unfortunately not provided on Liberty University's campus despite their healthful benefits. To fix this issue, Liberty University should introduce a vegan restaurant to the dining plan.

The following glide show reveals some of liberty university's unhealthy food choices.

Home Style BBQ offers foods like pork, corn bread and macaroni and cheese.

Smash'd Burger provides burgers, cheese burgers, and fries.

Sparky's Cantina has burritos, quesadillas, and chips.

Liberty University is the largest Christian University in the world, and has been voted Best Dining Hall in America for the past two years. The dining options provide a low variety of fruits, vegetables, and other foods that do not contain meat, dairy or eggs. Even so, the university's dining plan is limited when it comes to healthful, vegan dishes.

Thousands of Liberty University students are residential. This means those students eat most of their meals at either the Reber Thomas Dining Hall or the other dining options provided on campus that lack a variety in vegan, plant-based foods.

Introducing a vegan restaurant to campus would provide vegans and non-vegans with a wider range of healthier options that will nourish the student's bodies.

Vegan and non-vegan students need healthier foods provided on campus to keep them energized and focused.
Whether college students are in class, studying, or participating in school activities, they need easy access to a healthy dining option, like a vegan restaurant on campus, to keep their busy bodies from crashing.


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